With a great passion for textile materials and fashion design, and as a response to the fast fashion industry, I create dresses for little girls that are unique by the combination of simplicity and outspokenness. ´Slow´ dresses that will remain gorgeous for a very long time because they are beautifully made of high quality fabrics that can be washed and ironed over and over again.

I seek to use simple models and combine them with extraordinary fabrics or extraordinary models with a twist in a simple fabric. I take the highest care in selecting fabrics that you will not find in regular shop and that are extremely comfortable to wear.  All dresses are unique and handmade and created in my studio in the Netherlands.

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Do you need a dress for a special occasion or have a great idea for a dress, I would love to help you realize it. I can help you make your dream dress come true!

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Tanja Wijnands